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Challenging the Relationships Education and RSE guidelines

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I confirm that I am a UK citizen

  • support the initiative and protect the innocence of children
  • allow parents to decide how to educate their children in RSE
  • resist state intervention outside the remit of the core curriculum
  • maintain traditional family values 
  • help retain the principles upon which this great country was founded


You may have been silent up until now. Now is the time to register how you feel. Your pledges will be spent on running the campaign, advertising the campaign further, mounting a legal challenge if necessary.  Remaining pledges will be transparently allocated to organisations and schools promoting traditional family values.

Each pledge empowers us:

  • to publicise further and continue to represent your views
  • continue after the 40 days to protect children’s innocence in this country
  • advise and support schools regarding their rights
  • show the government how many people oppose the Relationships Education and RSE guidelines


Education promulgated via Relationships Education and RSE will ultimately transform Britain into a post-modern liberal society which does not distinguish gender, promotes LGBT lifestyles, destroys family life as we know it and undermines if not humiliates religion.

We believe the Government are overriding parental rights and adversely affecting the development, safety and mental well-being of our children.

  • The Relationships Education and RSE guidelines will permanently alter fundamental British values
  • Relationships Education and RSE is being used to promote new ideologies
  • The Relationships Education and RSE guidelines go beyond the remit of the law
  • The Department for Education ignored much public opinion about the suitability of Relationships Education and RSE in our schools


On 25th February the Secretary of State for Education laid the Relationships Education and RSE Statutory Instrument in Parliament.

On the same day, the 40 Days initiative was launched to appraise the British public of the dangers of the Relationships Education and RSE legislation, highlighting the impact this will have on the British population now and for generations to come.

There is a maximum  40 Day journey for the guidelines to become legally binding.

40 Days was established by community leaders and educational professionals to extend the remit of the STOP RSE petition signed by over 112,000 people.

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